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Aperio CSO Capture

Aperio CSO - Dry scanning and oil immersion

ScanScope OS

Designed specifically for hematopathology and microbiology applications, an Aperio CSO with Oil Immersion uses high numerical aperture oil immersion optics, allowing you to capture the same level of detail when viewing your glass slides under a microscope.

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Capture quality and details

Capture high quality eSlides at a resolution of up to 100x and gain an extremely high level of detail with high numerical aperture oil immersion objectives.

Archive specimens

Create permanent records of blood smears, bone marrows, Gram stains and other specimens.

Utilize options

Utilize options

Rapidly load and scan using dry or oil immersion objectives for standard or high resolution visualization.

Create multiple formats

Create multiple formats

Create high-resolution eSlides in multiple formats: TIFF (SVS), CWS, JPG.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Aperio CS2 and Aperio AT Turbo are registered products under the ScanScope® name.

Copyright © 2017 Leica Biosystems Imaging, Inc. All Rights Reserved. LEICA and the Leica logo are registered trademarks of Leica Microsystems IR GmbH. Aperio is a trademark of the Leica Biosystems group of companies in the USA and optionally in other countries.

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