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Reduce Study Times; Decide Sooner

Throughout the pathology process, Leica Biosystems' solutions ensure that critical detail is correctly preserved, precisely stained and accurately visualized.


Aperio ePathology

Annotated eSlides plus the Aperio ePathology Solutions: Network and Precision significantly reduce study time and costs.

Aperio ePathology Solutions enable pathologists, study directors, and others on your team to substantially reduce study times and to reach a decision or study conclusion sooner.

After glass slides become whole slide electronic images, eSlides, they can be can be viewed and shared instantly through our Network. Supporting global real-time viewing and rapid distribution of eSlides and study records, the Network facilitates peer review and streamlined collaboration under GLP. 

Our Precision tools empower pathologists with easy-to-use, quantitative image analytic capabilities, improving consistency, accuracy, and reproducibility of study data while reducing analysis time. It's all seamlessly integrated with our scalable and secure web-based eSlide Manager software.

Novocastra Reagents

Deliver superior Immuohistochemistry (IHC) and In Situ Hybridization (ISH) advanced staining solutions. With Novocastra reagents extensively tested in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue, you can be sure of the robust consistency that pathologists rely on.

  • Robust antibodies – in-house development ensures superior real-world performance
  • Exceptional detection – Novolink™ detection with Compact Polymer™ technology for exceptional sensitivity
  • A complete system – antibodies, diluent and detection all working together

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