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Find critical answers faster. Leica’s research-focused solutions reduce the time and cost of translational research, drug discovery and other tissue-based research. Leica's tissue preparation systems ensure efficiency, Leica's automated staining increases consistency, and Leica’s microscopes and digital imaging systems help you uncover critical details. Spend less time on manual tasks, more time finding answers, and make that breakthrough discovery sooner with a Leica research solution.

Providing Quality and Speed in Translational Research

Total Digital Pathology from Leica Microsystems provides ideal solutions for supporting today’s biomarker discovery researchers. The flexible scanning range for rapid digitization of brightfield, immunofluorescent and FISH slides provides total solutions for individual researchers through to high volume core laboratories. Traditional (26x76 mm), double (52x76 mm) and now extra large Jumbo (113x76 mm) slides can all be captured in either brightfield or fluorescence using the Leica SCN400 and Leica SCN400 F scanners.

Flexible management solutions provide a central library for all image and research data, improving collation of group project information. Deployment on web servers means that no software is installed on individual computers and promotes collaboration with remote partner institutes. Increase confidence in your results with quantification of biomarker expression in whole sections, regions of interest or Tissue Microarrays.

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