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Helping Histologists Work Smarter, Not Harder

Increase quality and efficiency with Leica’s Total Histology solutions empower you to do more with less. At every stage of the histology process, Leica assists with easy-to-use instruments, matching consumables and a wealth of histology knowledge. So when you are faced with workflow, resourcing or quality challenges, Leica can tailor a solution that helps you consistently meet quality, throughput and turnaround expectations. 


Convert 400+ glass slides to whole-slide digital eSlide images automatically and distribute them with a click.

The challenges for today’s histologists can be daunting, especially considering that they are expected to rapidly deliver and distribute hundreds of high-quality slides daily, in addition to storing, shipping, and managing conventional glass slides. Equipped with Aperio ePathology Solutions and our industry-leading image capture devices, histologists can easily and efficiently meet increasing demands.

Simplify and streamline your day

  • Rapidly scan 400+ glass slides in a single run from the instrument workstation or on other computers on the local network
  • Minimize slide rescanning and reprocessing with automatic QC for improved consistency
  • Streamline your workflow with instant access and quick retrieval of eSlides
  • Immediately access and distribute eSlides to the study team across the hall or around the globe
  • Free yourself from laborious slide packing and shipping tasks

Learn more about our whole-slide image capture devices.