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Chief Science Officer

Increase Collaboration; Decrease Study Times and Costs

Global collaboration through the Network and increased productivity with our Precision tools significantly saves time and money.

Life Science company leaders today such as the CSO, VP and CFO, especially in Biopharma, must increase innovation and productivity while concurrently reducing time and costs.  Aperio ePathology Solutions empower your organization to reduce study times and reach a decision sooner, while saving critical time and money.

After glass slides become whole slide digital images, eSlides, they can be viewed and shared instantly through our Network. Supporting global real-time viewing and rapid distribution of eSlides and study records, the Network facilitates peer review and streamlined collaboration under a secure GLP environment. Slide shipping and travel expenses are eliminated and resources are freed to focus on more important tasks.

Our Precision tools empower pathologists with easy-to-use, quantitative image analytic capabilities, enhancing consistency and reproducibility of study data, increasing lab throughput, and reducing analysis time. It's all seamlessly integrated with our scalable and secure web-based eSlide Manager Software platform.

Leading life science companies, including biopharma, CRO and research institutions, have already realized significant cost and time savings with Aperio ePathology Solutions. Leverage our ePathology Solutions to gain your competitive advantage.